V-Art Releases NFT-Collection with Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv in Effort for Art Conservation

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Masterpieces that NFT artists will reinterpret through their own eyes.

V-Art is proud to announce the ‘Alternative Dimensions’ NFT-Collection with the Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum. The very first of its kind, the project presents digital versions of physical works held by the museum that have never been put on display before, in an effort for conservation. Pieces collected during the National Museum’s rich history — including drawings by Italian artists of the 17th-18th centuries, Ukrainian folk engravings in the technique of woodblock printing of the 18th-20th centuries, and etchings by Rembrandt — have been digitized and will be available on the V-Art Marketplace as of the 27th of October 2022.

The Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum was established in 1905 by the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Andrey Sheptytsky, and is home the world’s most extensive collection of Ukrainian ecclesiastical art of the 12th to 18th centuries, as well as a range of the most prominent modern Ukrainian artists from Alexander Archipenko to Leopold Levytsky. The museum additionally holds pieces from world art history spanning etchings of Rembrandt to Italian masters of the 17th and 18th centuries. Ihor Kozhan, General Director of the Museum comments:

“Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv and V-Art are working on a project that gives an opportunity for expanding the museum’s visions. Today, more and more innovation is coming to the world of art and museums. Exhibits can ‘travel’ virtually from
a museum collection into a larger world via NFTs. This brings the chance to raise funds that feed back into the existence of the institution; its development, the digitization of its collections, awareness over the value of the works we hold the world across — as well as the opportunity to help Ukrainian museums that were damaged during the this full-scale war, to the best of its abilities.”

For this particular NFT-collection, project organizers have selected works that have never been included in the permanent exhibition due to issues facilitating the optimal display-conditions relevant for pieces of historical significance. Concerns regarding the conservation of these
works have come into acute light since the start of russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. While all the artworks hold a priceless cultural and artistic value meaningful for the world at large, those by Ukrainian artists have now gained an additional significance as russia continues to
attack the country, targeting culturally important markers of Ukrainian identity specifically.

“The virtual dimension also brought the viewer closer to the masterpieces that were “forbidden” to have such close contact with the audience. Freed and safe, these artworks of artists from different eras appear for the first time in a common space, a digital gallery. The value of such a mosaic collection is not only in its digitality and accessibility, but also in each of the items presented. In this context of co-location, they acquire both the experience of interacting with each other and with the audience and with contemporary artists” — commented Olexii Havryliuk, co-curator of the project and V-Art representative.

As such, part of the funds collected through the sales of ‘Alternative Dimensions’ will be raised for the museum’s security and preservation systems, as well as further digitalization of funds. The project as a whole facilitates the conservation of the museum’s collection by presenting
digital versions of vulnerable works, that in turn will be put towards the short and long-term preservation of the physical pieces of art. Part of the proceeds will be directed to the restoration of the Chernihiv Regional Art Museum named after Hrihoriy Halahan and the Kharkiv Art
Museum, which were particularly hard hit by the hostilities. Head of the graphics department Mariya Tsymbalista explains:

“Twenty-four works by renowned European and Ukrainian artists represent the best part of the museum’s collection, chosen from over 40 thousand paintings. Involvement of these works in the creation of modern culture and art is a very important mission. Even during the war we are taking initiative, protecting our heritage, preparing exhibitions and collections in order to save the most important things that are the foundation of our present and the hope of our future.”

Additionally to the collection launched for ‘Alternative Dimensions’, V-Art under guidance of a digital and crypto art curator Eleonora Brizi will bring in several international artists who will create reworked versions of the museum’s classical pieces. Both contemporary and classic
artworks will be shown in one virtual exhibition, which will be available on the V-Art platform on October 27. Eleonora Brizi comments:

“Although humans have always tried to put it in boxes, Art is timeless and spaceless. And so are these masterpieces that NFT artists will reinterpret through their own eyes. It’s not a digital copy, a reproduction, or a technical gesture on what already exists. It’s about participating in the continuum of art through new personal takes, translating the spirit of those artworks into the form of a new language that speaks to our times.”

Moreover, V-Art will be organizing and hosting a range of online activities and talks, and is now open for registration. Keep an eye on our social media channels for further information, and for questions or inquiries, please reach out to: [email protected] or [email protected].


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The Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv is one of the most distinguished national art and culture treasuries in Ukraine. Its proud repository houses over 175, 000 objects that signify the major attainments of Ukrainian culture as an integral part of the world’s spiritual and artistic treasury. Since its foundation in 1905, the Museum has remained the focus of national cultural and spiritual activity, playing a leading role in the public life of Western Ukraine. It has become the focus to which the prominent cultural, church, political figures, and scientists turn their keen attention.


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