Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum iv Lviv

The Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv is pleased to announce that the opening of the exhibition «MARIA PRYMACHENKO: I AM GIVING TO UKRAINE!» will take place on July 27 2022, in the main building of the museum (20, Svobody Avenue).

The exhibition will highlight about a hundred works by the outstanding representative of the naïve art Maria Prymachenko (1908 (1909) – 1997). The art pieces belong to the private collection of the Ukrainian art historian, academician Eduard Dymshyts (Kyiv). The scholar has been studying them for the past thirty years. Most of them were purchased from the paintress’ family and brought from her home in the village of Bolotnia (Kyiv region).

The majority of compositions will reflect the last decade of the artist’s creative life. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the fantastic world of marvelous beasts, birds, and flowers.

The origins of Ukrainian pictorial and poetic folklore are combined in Maria Prymachenko’s numerous works. The paintress developed her own artistic style which is characterized by the richness of ornamentation, floral and geometrical, and a wide range of genre compositions. In terms of typological varieties, her works can be divided into figurative, symbolic, and rhythmic and ornamental.

The artist often resorted to allegories endowing her animals with human features. Art lovers will be able to find these parallels on their own. The paintress often supplemented her works with text captions, closely related to the drawings. As part of the exhibit project, special attention will be paid to this part of her work.

The opening date of the exhibition was not chosen by chance: it will take place on the eve of the Day of Ukrainian Statehood that will be celebrated for the first time.